• Unicover Pro Series


Unicover Pro Series Truck Cap


When you're in the market for a tough truck cap brimming with features and a variety of options, rely on the skilled team at your Unicover dealer to customize a cap that suits your needs perfectly. Let the PRO SERIES take care of your requirements!



  • Pro Series Lift Door

Lift Door

The heart of the PRO SERIES line of caps is the cab high model with a lift up door. The door extends down to secure the tailgate.



  • Hatch Back Door Pro Series

Hatch Back Door

The optional bi-level roof line offers improved aerodynamics for the taller units. The hatchback door makes loading easy.



  • Double Cargo Doors Pro Series

Double Cargo Doors

The double cargo door option provides easy access for any job.



  • Walk In Door Pro Series

Walk-In Door

The walk-in Door has all of the features of the double cargo door in a single door design.